We Start Quoting Today

February 20, 2012 in General

So this is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while; why not draw a set of cartoons with quotes from all the crazy things politicians, celebrities, the media, and others say? The things being said out in the public are often even more unbelievable than the fake news created by the Onion. So the text of the cartoon is from a real story, while the illustration will interpret it in a (hopefully) funny way, while sometimes providing additional context.

So here are the guidelines:

  • Not every crazy quote comes from a politician, even though they have the craziest ones! Since it’s elections 2012, expect a lot of US political material, but the goal is to cover more than politics (celebrities, media, etc).
  • People say crazy things all over the world. Often the craziest quotes are said in other languages, this site will bring awareness of those to an English speaking audience that’s missing all the fun!
  • Don’t be cheap. There’s no need to take quotes out of context. The goal of these cartoons is to sometimes interpret them literally, or show different context, but we’re not aiming for the “standards” of cheap political ads that take things horribly out of context.
  • Whenever possible, there’ll be links to the original crazy. The plan is to provide links to the stories that the cartoons are based on (sometimes it’ll have to be video).

So thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the site. Also please follow us on twitter at @jquoting, to get notified of the latest cartoons as they get posted! We also take in suggestions, leave them in the blog comments, our twitter feed or send email to justquoting@gmail.com.